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Top 10 Reasons You Need To Add Telehealth To Your Thriving Practice

Top 10 Reasons You Need to Add Telehealth to Your Thriving Practice

Telehealth has been a buzz word in the industry for a while now. If you’ve got a thriving practice, it may not be something you’ve ever considered for yourself but there are some really good reasons why now is the time to reconsider adding telehealth to your existing practice. For sake of this post, we will define telehealth as the ability to meet face-to-face using HIPAA compliant video technology. 

1. Last Minute Mishaps

We’ve all had circumstances that arise unexpectedly. “My kid is sick”, “I’ve got a flat tire”, or “my business meeting ran late”. Now, you can offer clients the opportunity to still have their session but do it online from wherever they are.

2. Flexibility in your Schedule

Work from home on Fridays (or how many ever days you want) and do online sessions with clients that you choose. Start with just one day a week and ramp up slowly to more.

3. Travel

Migrate south for the winter or just take a trip (or five!) when you want and don’t worry about lost income while you are away. Fit some client appointments right into your trip!

4. Conferences

You need CEU’s to maintain your licensure. Attend a conference that you’ve always wanted to but haven’t been able to get away for. Schedule your clients around your conference obligations and meet with clients from the hotel room.

5. Couples Counseling

Telehealth is perfect for busy couples where one partner may travel frequently. You can join the road warrior in on the session and meet with the other in office.

6. Transition to Retirement or semi-Retirement

Telehealth makes it easy to give up your physical office space and still see clients from your own home. You can stop paying the rent and keep on the clients that are a fit for telehealth.

7. Future Proof

Kids these days see video capability as the standard and it’s expected. They expect you to keep up with the times in technology so they can stay connected from wherever they may be.

8. Expand Your Reach

With telehealth, you can extend your reach beyond a drive-able distance. Working with clients that live in rural areas of your state can open up new doors for you and your practice.

9. Marketability

Adding telehealth to your practice will create a new dimension of your practice and can help you to market your practice online. Keywords on your website like “online counselor” will increase your site traffic and most likely, bring new clients in.

10. Stay Ahead of the Curve

Believe it or not, telehealth (especially in the mental and behavioral health space) is still in its infancy. The sooner you get on board, or at least, become receptive to telehealth, the better! You’ll be ahead of your peers who don’t jump in now and you’ll be experienced for what lies ahead. Also, the younger generation really expects that you’ll offer this kind of care – it’s an expectation, not a convenience for them.

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