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Request payment from your clients

Freedom to set your fee per appointment per client.

  • Set your client’s payment amount when scheduling
  • Request payment from clients at any time
  • Client easily pays via credit card
  • Stripe processes your charges for a flat 2.9% + $.30 (charge $100, get $96.80)
  • Money is deposited into your account in 2 business days (on average)
Create Payment Request
Client Payment

It's so easy for clients to login and pay you at their convenience!

Clients just login and click 'Pay Now' button - doesn't get much easier!

  • You decide if client is required to pay prior to joining the session
  • Automatic notifications to the client for all payment requests
  • Receive an email notification for every payment made to you by clients

Visibility into all your payment requests

We've got you covered on the reporting side.

  • You can view current outstanding payment requests and edit them if needed
  • Take a look at past history of payments
  • Clients can also view their history and outstanding payment requests
Payment Review