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Learn why we believe thera-LINK offers the most value for you, your practice, and your clients.

We get asked to compare ourselves to other competitor’s products quite often so we made a chart and feature breakdown to help guide you in making the right decision for your practice and save you time going back and forth between websites! Click the feature to go directly to that comparison or just scroll down to see the breakdown.

*This comparison is between our practiceLINK plan ($65) versus Doxy’s clinic plan ($50).


One on one session

Our video is crystal clear and works in low bandwidth situations as it automatically detects what will provide the highest quality of video to you and your clients and then scales accordingly. We also have multiple layouts for you to use, including a side by side of all participants (default) or double clicking any video will resize that one to the be larger and the others smaller. You can also hide your self view, mute your video entirely for audio-only, and mute any participants in a session. Sessions also allow for screen sharing on thera-LINK.

Doxy’s service forces you to actually choose from their different video options like HD, SD, LD. thera-LINK automatically detects and selects appropriately so you don’t waste time in session determining which is the right value. Doxy also doesn’t appear to have multiple layout options for you to choose from while in session. While both offer group session capabilities, it’s unclear what the layout is for Doxy. thera-LINK’s robust layout options give you endless configurations.

Waiting Room

We believe meeting with clients online should simulate what they would experience walking into your office. Since thera-LINK was created by therapists for therapists, we have focused on the client experience, which is why we offer amazing custom waiting rooms. You select the visual background that clients will experience when joining a session. This gets them prepped for their online therapy session.

While Doxy does have a “custom” waiting room, it’s not nearly as attractive (if we do say so ourselves) and it also doesn’t allow you to select music for your clients. Our waiting rooms are the number one feature that clients of our customers say they absolutely LOVE.


Scheduling Redesign

If you are looking for a full service scheduling solution to use with your clients, look no further than thera-LINK. Not only do we allow you to schedule your online clients but you can also schedule your in-office clients! Additionally, we have an amazing client scheduler that you can enable for your clients to self-schedule right from your website based on your available office hours.

Doxy does not offer scheduling services of any kind in their application as they refer to other outside applications if you want to use scheduling. As such, appointment reminders are not automated.

Secure Messaging

secure messages

Secure messaging allows you to continue to communicate with your clients even when not in a session. Messages are encrypted and stored on our server only. If you are logged in and receive a message, you are notified immediately. If the message is unread after 5 minutes, you get an email letting you know to login and retrieve an unread message. Easy-peasy!

Doxy does not offer secure messaging while not in a session. We are a whole communication platform so you can continue to maintain your HIPAA compliance while still connecting with your clients.

Technical Support

thera-LINK customer support

Sometimes you or your client may need a little more assistance to get your computer/tablet/phone setup and working smoothly for your sessions. We are here 24x7x365 via phone to answer your questions and even run test sessions. We also have email and chat support 7 days a week. Our customer support team is the best in the business, bar none.

Doxy offers email and chat support but phone support is only via a scheduled call, presumably during business hours for all support. We know you may be doing a session late in the evening or on a weekend and we’re there for you!

Client Portal

Client Portal

Our client portal is super simple to use and gives your clients all the tools they need to manage their account, data, payments, and sessions with you! Logging in will show a dashboard with current and upcoming appointments plus any payments due. Clients can also request an appointment, message you securely, view payment history and share files in the portal!

Doxy does not have a way for clients to login at all, thus there’s no client portal for a client to manage their payments, sessions, appointments, files, etc. Additionally, since a client isn’t required to login, there’s no way of knowing that it’s actually your client joining you in a session in order to facilitate reporting mechanisms.

Client & Session Notes

Notes Screenshot

We kept our notes super simple so you can type and format just the way you like. We’ve got the ability to type your note, sign and lock your note, plus download an exported PDF of the note. 

Doxy does not offer any note taking capabilities for sessions and recommends you use a 3rd party EHR system to do such tasks.

Client Payment

Create Payment Request

Payment in thera-LINK is via our credit card processing partner, Stripe. In thera-LINK, you can take payment prior to the client joining the session or you can request the payment after the session. We also have default payment amounts that you can choose to store per client. With Stripe, you pay 2.95% + $.30 per transaction and we don’t take any additional funds. 

While Doxy does offer client payments and utilizes Stripe at the same rate as us, you are only able to request a payment while in a session. This can be challenging to navigate, especially if you aren’t completely comfortable with your client yet. Doxy doesn’t allow you to send a separate payment request to the client or to have them pay prior to their session.

Directory Listing

thera-LINK Directory

Our directory is like the yellow pages but online. We do the advertising for the directory on your behalf! Potential clients can find you in the directory, learn more about you from your listing, and then contact you to schedule an appointment. Your listing is personalized and unique with your picture, specialties, state, rates, and any other relevant information. See for yourself!

Doxy does not offer any type of listing or web page for you to advertise your services on.

File Sharing

File Sharing Client

File sharing in thera-LINK is super easy to use. Just upload whatever file you would like your client(s) to receive and then share it with them. You can share with multiple clients at once or an individual client. Your clients can also share a file with you – either download and complete what you sent or share a new file. You’ll be alerted with an email that you have a new file to retrieve. 

File sharing in the Doxy application is only available while connected to a session with a client. You can only live-share files versus sending in advance of a session in order to get the documentation like Informed Consent signed off on.

Signed BAA for HIPAA

We take security very seriously here at thera-LINK and we protect your PHI (patient health information) fully! We provide a BAA and all of our plans include a BAA to cover your practice. We require every person using thera-LINK to be authenticated to our application so we can report accordingly.

Doxy also provides a BAA for you to utilize for your practice. 


2020 pricing

Our pricing is in line with our competition and we feel that we offer a premium product offering for you and your practice. Based on the feature set you get with our all-encompassing telehealth solution, we believe we are the best option. Our plans are more feature-rich and our customer service is phenomenal! We also offer a free trial and encourage you to try any services you are interested in. We feel confident you will select thera-LINK in the end! 

The price for Doxy is $50/month/provider for their top tier plan, which includes all features they offer. The price for our most popular plan that we compared to is $65/month/provider. We believe the value is in the feature offering you see outlined and compared side by side here. Ultimately, you make the decision that fits you best. 

Don't just take our word for it!

Here's what our customers say...

It is easy to use for a non-techie person like me! Quick and easy to contact tech support! Friendly staff!

Sabrina R., LPC

It's easy to use and increasingly growing in functionality and features. The interface is clean and the video and audio quality are consistently strong.

Paul K., Pastoral Counselor

I really appreciate TheraLINK's client interface with the mock waiting rooms and music prior to session. My clients have no difficulty navigating through Thera-LINK's interface, even on their first use. I appreciate that there is a notification when my client is "in the waiting room" so I know they are present. I feel confident that Thera-LINK is a HIPAA-compliant way to conduct teletherapy. The support team is great - very responsive and knowledgeable!

Stacy H., Psychologist

I love this product and it keeps getting better & better!

Suze A., LCSW

Thank you so much for how quick and responsive you are to all of my questions and concerns. You are always working to improve things all the time. I can't say enough good things about the service with thera-LINK.

-Shadia D., Counselor
Information provided on this page is for informational guidance only and may be updated from time to time based on updates to our or other products. As we don't engage in competitive practices where we have an account with our competitors, all information is gleaned from their respective websites and information we've heard from customers that have switched to thera-LINK.