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Heather Potter, Our CTO, Featured On Practice Of The Practice Podcast With Joe Sanok

Heather Potter, our CTO, featured on Practice of the Practice podcast with Joe Sanok

Heather recently did a podcast with Joe Sanok of Practice of the Practice!  Listen to the podcast (link below) and glean some great nuggets about starting a business and telehealth state laws.  Heather also talks about thera-LINK and how you need to get on board with integrating technology into your practice now!  Sounds like Heather and Joe had a great conversation!

Oh, and did we mention that Joe does an awesome walk-through tutorial for us at the bottom of his page?  Well, he does and it’s great!

What you will discover in the podcast:
1:37 Something I learned from SPI TV
5:31 What you need to know in your state about tele-health
9:04 How to launch a counseling product and find new business opportunities
12:31 How to use your personal network to grow a joint venture
17:40 Why WordPress is the best platform for just about everything!
25:10 How logging in helps someone feel secure
33:18 Why knowing your code of ethics is crazy important!
39:04 Why Not to Use Skype and some extras from Thera-Link

Check it out!  We hope you learn something awesome! 

Pssst.. If you think Joe’s site is awesome and want to subscribe to all of his podcasts (totally worth it!), use the Subscribe buttons underneath the podcast.  He has tons of great material on his site for counselors and the mental health industry in general![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]