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Why Is 2021 The Perfect Year To Launch Your Telehealth Practice?

Why is 2021 the Perfect Year to Launch Your Telehealth Practice?

Is 2021 the perfect year to launch your telehealth practice? The answer is yes. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced providers to rethink care delivery within their organizations. While telehealth has existed in one form or another for the past 10 years, 2021 is the year that every provider needs to have it on their toolbelt. The pandemic prompted the highest ever reported use of telehealth services in recent history. With an increasing number of individuals in need of mental health services, providers need an accessible solution that is effective and safe to use. Establishing a telehealth practice this year could ensure your success while increasing access to mental health services for clients. 

Why More Clients are Turning to Telehealth 


Mental health services are traditionally one of the most inaccessible forms of care in the nation. Before telehealth, dozens of barriers existed, making it difficult for clients to access mental health providers. These boundaries ranged from things like transportation to the cost of therapy. In 2021, telehealth practices are eliminating boundaries and increasing the accessibility of mental health services. 


Not only are telehealth practices making mental health services more accessible, but they are making it more convenient as well. For some individuals, travelling to and from a provider’s office can be extremely inconvenient and discouraging. Telehealth practice visits are easier to fit into a busy day, eliminating the need for travel, and encouraging client engagement. 


The pandemic has made in-person therapy too risky. While some providers have found safer ways to meet with their clients in-person, it is not without risk. Telehealth practices are offering clients the opportunity to avoid the health risk of a public environment and instead visit with their mental health provider remotely. This helps to minimize their exposure to the virus while still encouraging engagement. 


Even before the pandemic, an increasing number of insurance organizations were beginning to cover a higher number of mental health services. Now, more than ever before, insurance companies are covering more for clients. This is encouraging more individuals to seek out services. Due to the pandemic, telehealth practices are covered more than they have been in the past. 

Why 2021 is the Year to Launch Your Telehealth Practice:  

Low Start-Up Costs 

Telehealth practices have a lower start-up cost on average than that of a traditional practice. This is because they eliminate many of the costs related to in-person services. Telehealth practices do not need to rent an office space, saving them thousands of dollars in start-up costs. They also do not have to decorate that office or worry about creating a physical environment for their clients. There are plenty of quality and affordable telehealth solutions available for therapists in 2021. 


Telehealth offers mental health providers increased flexibility in their schedule and patient load. It eliminates the need to keep a physical space open for set business hours and, instead, allows you to create the schedule that works for you. Telehealth practices also require less time between visits on average, allowing you to see more clients in one day if necessary. 

Quality Tech Already Exists 

Lastly, 2021 is the year to start your telehealth practice because the best technology and solutions already exist. As mentioned earlier, telehealth has existed in one form or another for the last 10 years. Software vendors have had time to perfect the technology so that it is simple to use and easy to implement. Finding the right solution is key to your success.