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Session & Client Notes Have Arrived!

Session & Client Notes have arrived!

We’ve heard from our customers that they want the ability to do simple client and session notes in thera-LINK, and and we just launched exactly that! We are excited to announce that we also have a new practiceLINK pricing plan that includes Notes and many more features to come in the next six months.

Our Notes allow you to create the note exactly as you’d like – just like you were using Word or Google Docs! We’ve got all your standard tools like bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc so you can make it look just the way you want. Notes are also auto-saved so if you need to leave and come back, you don’t have to worry. We also time/date stamp everything and keep a history of that on your behalf. Need to print or export a note to PDF? You can do that too. To read more and see screenshots of Notes in action, go here:

Notes is offered on our practiceLINK plan, which is $65/month/provider. Learn more on our pricing plans here:

If you’d like to schedule your demo of thera-LINK and everything we offer, click here: